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Private Hire Regulatory Law

What You Should Know

All Private Hire vehicle operators should be familiar with the regulations that govern operator licensing and record keeping. Some may not be aware though that from 31st May 2016, the ways in which taxi drivers and operators licence and use their taxis have changed. A new taxi-licence test replaced the current Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) test, and new classes of taxis, and new minimum fair structures along with the use of taximeters and printers have been introduced.

Similarly with some of the recent rulings on how employees are defined and then paid, many Private Hire firms who run Zero Hour contracts or employ “self-employed” drivers need to ensure that they are fully up to speed on what those rulings might mean for their business models. For further information click here or give one of our team of experienced transport lawyers a call on 01279 818280 for some helpful advice.