As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, on 31 March 2020 the Department for Transport announced that temporary changes have been put in place in relation to driver CPC requirements and enforcement, to allow drivers in limited cases to continue to drive with an expired driver qualification card (DQC) without the risk of enforcement action.

The changes relate to any driver whose current DQC expires in the period 1st March 2020 to 30th September 2020, in recognition of the fact that given the current social distancing requirements, attending periodic refresher training courses is likely to be difficult, if not impossible.  The DfT has instructed both the DVSA and the Police not to take any enforcement action against any driver found to be driving whilst in possession of a DQC expiring within this date range.

However, many training providers are now providing remote training options and drivers are encouraged, where possible, to try to complete their periodic training via online or remote courses where personal course attendances are not possible.  The relaxation is designed to assist those that cannot attend DCPC refresher courses due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, rather than as a means by which drivers can simply put off the training requirements - and as things presently stand, from 1st October 2020 full enforcement resumes, so anyone found to be driving with an expired DQC from that date can expect to face enforcement action in the usual way.

Any driver with a DQC which expired before 1st March 2020 is not covered by this relaxation and thus must complete the required 35 hours of periodic training and obtain a new DQC before they are permitted to drive a relevant goods vehicle or public service vehicle for any purpose which is in-scope of the CPC regulations.

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Published: 27th April 2020

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