Transport Employment Law

Logistics, haulage and passenger transport businesses are employers just like any other business, but the specialist nature of their work and the myriad of rules and regulations that must be followed and complied with calls for specialist road transport law expertise and a full understanding of how transport businesses actually operate as well as more general employment knowledge.

Obtaining the right advice at the right time from recruitment to induction to supervision of those employed (and preferably before employees are disciplined or their employment terminated) can save huge amounts of time and money for your business. Having the correct systems and procedures in place to deal with any staff issues is so crucial in today’s business environment.

A point that is often missed is that the way in which operators employ their staff (especially their drivers) and the way in which those arrangements are documented can have a direct impact on the licences without which operators cannot carry on their business.

With their wide-ranging expertise in employment matters along with an understanding of what running a transport business entails, our employment team are ideally placed to advise you on best practice and how to ensure you avoid any “bumps in the road”. Call now to speak to them on 01279 818280

Driver Contracts
 We develop contracts of employment properly tailored to the needs and complexities of your transport business.
Employment Law and HR Facilities
We provide specialist employment and human resources advice for the transport operator.
Transport Operators Staff Handbooks
We provide specialist transport operator staff handbooks as part of our standard employment law service.

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