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Mobile Phone Penalty Increases – One Year On

The 1st March 2018 marked the anniversary of the increase in severity of fixed penalties for using a mobile phone while driving, increasing this from three points and a £100 fine to six points and a £200 fine.  Since then more than 26,000 motorists have been caught driving whilst using a mobile phone, and of […]

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Consultation to Clarify Rules Governing Community Transport Operators

Following a legal challenge from the Bus and Coach Association, the Department for Transport opened a consultation on 8th February 2018 on the scope and use of Section 19 and Section 22 permits. Sections 19 & 22 of the Transport Act 1985 permit organisations which operate on a not-for-profit basis to obtain permits exempting them […]

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EU Ruling on Weekly Rest in Vehicle Cabs

The European Court of Justice has ruled that HGV drivers may not take full 45 hour weekly rest periods in the cabs of their vehicles, and that national governments are entitled to penalise drivers who contravene that prohibition. The ruling was made following a Belgian case involving an operator whose driver had been issued with […]

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