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Consultation to Clarify Rules Governing Community Transport Operators

Following a legal challenge from the Bus and Coach Association, the Department for Transport opened a consultation on 8th February 2018 on the scope and use of Section 19 and Section 22 permits. Sections 19 & 22 of the Transport Act 1985 permit organisations which operate on a not-for-profit basis to obtain permits exempting them […]

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EU Ruling on Weekly Rest in Vehicle Cabs

The European Court of Justice has ruled that HGV drivers may not take full 45 hour weekly rest periods in the cabs of their vehicles, and that national governments are entitled to penalise drivers who contravene that prohibition. The ruling was made following a Belgian case involving an operator whose driver had been issued with […]

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Financial Standing Rates for Transport Operators – 2018

Each year the finance that an HGV or PSV operator must have readily available in order to satisfy its legal obligation to be of “appropriate financial standing” is reviewed and where appropriate, changed with reference to EU exchange rates.  As operators will be well aware, the amount an operator must have available to it is […]

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BREXIT – How will Article 50 affect the Transport Sector?

The UK government has yet to decide exactly when the UK will part company with the EU and the basis upon which they do so (and whether or not a ‘so-called deal’ is actually done) is still a long way down the road. Of course, while politicians debate the pros and cons of a second […]

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