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Employment Law and HR Facilities

Transport operators are employers just like any other business but the specialist nature of their work calls for specialist road transport law expertise and an understanding of how transport undertakings actually operate as well as all the knowledge and experience that one would expect from an employment law and HR specialist.

Obtaining the right advice at the right time – preferably before employees are disciplined or their employment terminated – can save huge amounts of time and money. Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law solicitors can advise fully on all employment law issues, including the preparation of proper contracts appropriately supported by comprehensive staff handbooks, grievance and dismissal processes, as well as the necessary procedures in connection with the possible dismissal of employees. What operators need is practical advice that marries together how things work in the ‘real world’ with legal expertise. This is what Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law solicitors can offer.

Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law solicitors can also advise on all best practice systems and records required for the training of employees to ensure that all their undertakings under their operator’s licence(s) are complied with. We can also advise on settlement agreements for employees following their redundancy and/or dismissal, and advise both employees and employers on this aspect of employment law.

One issue that can catch operators out is the application of the TUPE regulations – how and when are they applied, what do operators need to know about them and how should operators use such knowledge to their advantage? These are all issues that we can advise upon.

Finally, Trade Union negotiations are another area that Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law solicitors can assist with. Dealing with trade unions requires care, knowledge and experience. Call us for help on 01279 818280 now.