The following updates to Employment Law should be noted for both employers and employees alike.  Of course, if you need any assistance or advice as to how these amendments will effect your business then please call 01279 818280 and ask to speak with our employment law specialist, Simonne McIvor.

  1. On 6th April 2020 the Parental Bereavement Leave Regulations 2020 (draft) takes effect.  It permits a parent to take up to two weeks paid leave on the death of a child under the age of 18.  Needless to state, the notice periods in which a parent has to give the employer in order to take up bereavement leave is not straight forward so do not hesitate to speak to our advisers if you need guidance to apply for parental leave from your employer.  Equally if you are an employer we can advise you how to ensure you remain compliant in applying the law during a stressful time for an employee.
  2. It is mandatory for all employers to issue all workers and employees with Statements of Particulars of Employment with effect from 6th April 2020.  Previously this was issued to all employees only and within two months of the employee commencing employment.  It is now extended to cover all workers and must be issued on the first day of the commencement of employment.
  3. Previously there were no deductions of National Insurance Contributions ("NIC") on payments which were represented to be payment for compensation for loss of employment where such compensation was in excess of £30,000.00  There were only tax deductions.  With effect from 6th April 2020, the Employer will need to deduct NIC and tax contributions on all compensation for loss of employment where such amount is in excess of £30,000.00.
  4. The Government has issued strong guidance and advice to the public whilst the Covid-19 virus remains present.  Everyone except key workers and essential staff is advised to work from home.  The chancellor last week announced a package of offers to businesses to help out specifically those who will endure hardship.  Details of such funding is available through the local authorities and HMRC.  Since the situation is changing daily, the most prudent advice to businesses and companies is to comply with the government chief medical officer's guidance and recommendations to keep social distancing.  Employees who are off work with Covid-19 virus are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay from the first day of reporting in to the employer as being unwell to attend the workplace.  Employers may recover the Statutory Sick Pay from the Department of Works and Pensions unlike Statutory Sick Pay for non-Covid-19 virus sick pay.  Other measures no doubt will follow for those who are self employed as and when the chancellor makes further announcements.

If further clarification is needed on these points, then please either email by clicking here or telephone 01279 818280


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