This case which has just been heard by The Supreme Court will decide and hopefully clarify some of the issues around the status of 3rd-party contractors and whether they are contractors or whether they are workers and as such entitled to statutory benefits (including the minimum wage).

Uber's case is that the drivers are independent, 3rd-party contractors and not workers.  The drivers are arguing that they are workers and as such are covered by the Employment Rights Act 1996, the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 and the Working Time Regulations 1998.  Accordingly they claim that they should have been entitled to the minimum wage, paid leave and other legal protections that workers benefit from in the UK.

To watch the proceedings at The Supreme Court, click here and go to the bottom of the page where there is a link to enable you to watch the hearing.

The ruling in this matter is expected to have implications for the Transport industry and the use of 3rd-party contractor drivers.

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