It is to be hoped that professional drivers will no longer have to endure weeks of waiting for their driving licences to be processed, as the Government has implemented changes to the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA) to allow a wider range of health care professionals to approve medical examinations.  If successful this will be a very welcome improvement for individuals wishing to step into professional driving careers, as it should mean reduced waiting times which will benefit both drivers and their future employers.

The DVLA determines fitness to drive and they are the ones who represent the Secretary of State for Transport in being responsible for the decision on licence holders meeting the minimum medical standard.

Over the years, the medical profession has changed in many ways.  Nurses and other medical professionals are permitted to carry out certain duties that only General Practitioners (GPs) would have been authorised to carry out in the past.  With the increasing demand on the NHS and GPs, it makes sense that some of the burden be re-distributed to other appropriate medical professionals.  The medical assessment is a requirement when you first apply and then on a 'self-notification' service once you have a driving licence for vehicles of any class.  Previously, only GPs were authorised to provide the applicant's information to the DVLA and fill out the questionnaire, but with the changes to section 94 of the RTA, nurses and certain other healthcare professionals have now been able to provide these questionnaires from 20th July 2022.

If you would like to read the document detailing the amendment please click here.

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