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Loss Of Repute and Director Disqualification

PSV Operators and their transport managers are required by law to be of “Good Repute”. Protecting that position for those involved in running a coach & bus operation is therefore critically important to the business.

Many operators regard Public Inquiries as ‘reassurance exercises’ likely to result in no more than ‘a slap on the wrist’. Sometimes Traffic Commissioners decide not to take formal action against an operator’s licence and the good repute of an operator and their transport manager are found to be intact.

But in serious cases (and operators are not always the best judge of the seriousness of the case that they are facing) there is often a real risk of a finding that an operator and/or transport manager has lost their repute. Where a decision is taken to revoke an operator’s licence, disqualification may also follow. All of which is to say that it pays to take specialist transportation legal advice the moment you become aware of a regulatory investigation or Public Inquiry.

The team at Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law have vast experience of loss of repute and director disqualification cases, and have been advising and representing directors of transport operations for over 35 years. If you are concerned that you may be at risk of loss of repute or director disqualification, contact us now on 01279 818280 and one of our expert transport lawyers will be able to help.

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