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Illegal Immigration

How To Protect Your Business

Probably the best “defense” against illegal immigration cases is to operate coaches! (Instead of trucks – HGV trailers being the favourite target for clandestine entrants). But even PSV operators are not immune from targeting, so desperate are some would-be stowaways. Illegal immigration is a serious issue for transport operators – including coach operators – carrying out international work, but one that can be managed if approached in the correct way.

The rules are strict and the applicable Code of Practice sets out how vehicles should be secured and what steps an operator and its drivers need to take (including what records need to be made). Operators should ask themselves: do I know what to do if one of my drivers believes there is a stowaway onboard? It can be extremely difficult to defend illegal immigration “stowaway” cases unless the correct systems are in place and perhaps more importantly one can prove that they were followed properly and the correct records made.

Fines for non-compliance can run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds, to say nothing of the time and effort that has to be expended in order to defend and pay for associated claims.

The Government provides some information in its leaflet “Secure your Vehicle to Help Stop Illegal Immigration” but if you think your business might be vulnerable because you don’t know what systems or records you should have in place, then you should call us on 01279 818280. Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law has the experience to help protect your business.