With effect from 13th November 2018, the Government has made it possible for Transport Managers to use the Gov.UK "Verify" facility to sign applications "digitally" via the Vehicle Operator Licensing Service (aka VOL).  The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has implemented this change following research with Transport Managers and Operators which showed a high interest in the option.

The new option will allow operators to undertake the process of applying to nominate a Transport Manager from start to finish via the online system (although, of course, it remains the case that any application is still subject to a process of approval by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner).  Proposed TM's will need to use Verify and provide a digital signature for future use.

The Government states that it takes around ten minutes to verify an identity when first using Gov.UK Verify.  Click here to find out more about Gov.UK Verify and how to get started.

If you need any help on this issue, call us on 01279 818280 or click here to send an email.

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