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Vehicle Seizure and Cabotage Issues for HGV Operators

HMRC, The UK Border Force, DVSA and the Police all have the authority to seize a vehicle. A vehicle seizure will at best be an inconvenience for some transport businesses, but sometimes it can cause huge financial problems, especially if the vehicle is not returned, and the reasons of the seizure then prompt further regulatory action.

Operators will be familiar with the circumstances in which vehicles can be seized, including when the vehicles have been involved in the commission of clandestine entrant offences and/or in the event of fines going unpaid. What operators may not be aware of is that vehicles are not always seized lawfully, and a seizure does not mean that you cannot get the vehicle back.

For international hauliers, there is the threat of seizure if the UK authorities consider that vehicles have been used in unlawful cabotage operations. At Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law we have experience of dealing with this type of issue, including successfully representation to secure the return of the seized vehicle.

If you have had one (or more) of your vehicles seized then Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law can advise on all aspects of the seizure including everything that you can do to get the vehicle back. Call us now on 01279 818280 to discuss how we can help.

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