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HGV - Operators Loss of Repute and Director Disqualification

Protecting the good repute of those involved in running an HGV transport operation is critically important to the business. Good repute is statutory requirement for anyone (and for any company) holding an operator’s licence, and it is also required of nominated Transport Managers.

Whether or not operators are of good repute, and matters which affect the entitlement to be held to have good repute are critically important.

Having proper and experienced representation at a Public Inquiry when your repute is in question could be key to the business continuing to hold its operator’s licence and for your key personnel to retain their jobs. Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law regularly, and successfully,  advise and represent transport operators and members of their teams who are facing the jeopardy of losing their repute.

Similarly, Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law have many years of experience representing and advising Directors of companies who may be facing disqualification.

Public Inquiries should not be regarded by operators as ‘reassurance exercises’ and in the event of an operator’s licence being revoked disqualification can follow.

If this is an issue that you are facing, call Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law now on 01279 818280, to discuss how we can help you and your business.

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