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Dealing with Contractual Disputes

Specialising in advising and representing coach & bus (PSV) road transport operators, means that Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law has a deep understanding of these transport businesses and is ideally placed to assist in relation to any aspect of your day to day operations, including commercial disputes.

In addition to advising and representing coach and bus operators in criminal prosecutions and Public Inquiries, Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law can also help transport businesses in relation to contractual disputes, terms and conditions of carriage and hire, sale and purchase contracts, as well as mechanical claims including professional negligence cases.

Contractual disputes can easily spill over into other aspects of your transport business (impacting on existing contracts as well as affecting the prospects of success in relation to future tenders and even damaging an operator’s reputation).

We can help ensure that this doesn’t happen in the first place by offering ongoing legal and regulatory advice. However, should a contractual dispute arise, our expert transport solicitors can provide all of the legal help and guidance that you need to affect a positive outcome.  Call us now on 01279 818280 or fill in the contact form to send us an email.


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Latest Coach & Bus Industry News and Insight