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Transport Regulatory Law

Whether your transport operations cover coach and bus passenger vehicle operations or haulage and logistics, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the regulations governing your operator’s licence, including drivers’ hours and all the necessary record keeping obligations that are required. But important though your O Licence is, there are a wealth of other applicable laws and regulations that your transport business needs to be up to date with, including health & safety and environmental legislation, to name but two areas that can impact your commercial transport operations.

Are your systems and processes compliant?

Transport operators need to make sure that they know the law and understand its purpose, have effective systems in place to ensure compliance with the applicable law, the operation of those systems must be properly recorded, the systems must be checked at appropriate intervals to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and those checks must also be documented.

Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

As a transport operator you should be familiar with the DVSA’s Operator Compliance Risk Scoring. There are a number of ways that your operator compliance risk score is calculated, including prohibitions, M.O.T. failures, criminal convictions and Public Inquires. If your operator compliance risk score is low, a prohibition or fixed penalty can be issued and the graduated fixed penalties regime can seriously impact your transport operations.

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