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Private Hire Debt Collection Issues and Commercial Disputes

“Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity … but cash is king”

Of all the causes of business failure, lack of cash (and cash flow) is a crucial one. But what do you do when clients owe you relatively small sums of money (i.e. less than £5k) and you fear that the only way that you are ever going to get the money back is to commence legal proceedings with all the cost, stress and potential risk that such action entails?

And what do you do if someone is threatening to commence legal proceedings against you for relatively modest sums when the only reason that you have not paid them is because they have not provided the services that they had promised you?

Disputes involving maintenance issues, unsatisfied passengers and vehicle damage can benefit from the experience that the team at Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law solicitors has gained from specialising in advising and acting for transport operators for over 30 years.

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