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HGV – Help with Debt Collection and Commercial Disputes

Cash flow has always been an issue for road transport operators, as it is for every business, but perhaps never more so than in today’s ever increasing competitive marketplace where margins are getting thinner and thinner, and a client who refuses to pay can cause real problems to your business’s financial standing.

Clients who owe you relatively small sums of money (i.e. less than £5,000.00) might feel as though they are ‘too much hassle to deal with’, but it only takes a few of these for cash flow problems to arise. And conversely, what do you do if someone is threatening to commence legal proceedings against your company when the only reason that you have not paid them is because they have not provided the service that they promised?

Disputes involving maintenance issues, cargo disputes or vehicle damage could benefit from the experience Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law solicitors has gained from acting for HGV transport operators for over 30 years. Call and speak to one of our team now on 01279 818280 or click here to send us an email.