Retainers General

"Value for money and peace of mind"

Finding ways to help operators fund essential legal services is as much a challenge for lawyers as it is for operators.

For many years Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law have acted for transport operators on a Retainer basis.

In return for an annual premium, calculated on the basis of the number of vehicles authorised, we will agree to cover operators on any claim within the retained services which we offer (Terms and Conditions apply).

Retained services include:

  1. Advice and representation in connection with police investigations including interviews under caution;
  2. Advice and representation for criminal prosecutions against both the operator and its drivers;
  3. Representation of the operator in any dispute that it has with any employee arising from employment or any actual or alleged breach of the legislation in relation to employment;
  4. Up to 30 minutes of telephone helpline advice on any matter falling within the expertise of Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law.

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