Health and Safety

Faced with all the challenges that running a transport business involves, operators often put health and safety compliance to the bottom of the list, hoping against hope that they will never have to deal with a serious injury suffered (or caused) by someone they employ.

One often finds that an operator’s health and safety policy (where one exists) has been allowed to become out of date, with the person originally made responsible for health & safety issues having long since left the operator altogether or having been moved to a different position within the organisation.

Ask yourself;

  1. What health & safety issues are there in my operation?
  2. What rules must I comply with and how do I make sure that I comply fully with them both now and in the future?
  3. What is my health & safety policy?
  4. To what extent (if at all) is my health & safety policy recorded?
  5. Who is responsible for health & safety within the organisation?
  6. When was the health & safety policy (such as it may be) last reviewed and with what result?
  7. Who needs to know about the operation’s health & safety policies?
  8. Has everyone who needs to know about health & safety received the necessary information?

Health & safety regulatory compliance is a complex but nevertheless critical area for road transport operators. Obtaining the right advice on health & safety compliance before someone gets hurt is the best protection against regulatory action, including prosecution.

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