New Department for Transport Drug Driving Awareness Course

 The Department for Transport's Road Safety Minister, Andrew Jones has announced a new course which is designed to provide increased education and awareness on the dangers of drug driving to those convicted of drink driving offences.

Rehabilitation courses for drink drivers have, of course, been around for many years.  The new drug-drive awareness course, which is being piloted as from 24th October, will become part of the existing drink-drive course for around 1,000 offenders in the coming months in both England and Wales and will focus specifically on the dangers to drivers and other road users which are associated with driving while under the influence of drugs.

The move comes following recently published statistics which have shown that around 20% of convicted drug-drivers have previously been banned for drink driving.

Since tougher laws on drug driving and easier means of testing suspected drivers were both introduced in 2015 around 7,000 drivers have been disqualified for drug driving (a significant increase on the 879 recorded in 2014), it is hoped that educating drivers on the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of drugs will help to prevent this type of offence occurring at all in the future.

For more information on the government's drug-drive course please click here.

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