BREXIT - If the UK Votes to Leave the EU, how might Transport Operators be Affected?

Will the law change?  

Much of the current road transport legislation that applies to UK operators and their drivers derives from EU law.  So what might happen if we vote to leave the European Union on 23rd June?  Will any of the EU regulations still apply?  And will the UK government choose to re-write the rule-book?

Our view is that it is unlikely that Britian leaving the EU would provoke a mass overhaul of our transport laws, and it is very likely that the great majority of EU laws that are directly concerned with road safety will remain as they are.  "Brexit" may trigger some legislative changes but anything that is significant will likely receive widespread coverage in the media and the fundamentals of safe and compliant operation are not going to change.

What should Operators keep an eye on?

Where "Brexit" may be highly significant is in relation to the free movement of labour across Europe and operators' access to drivers coming into the UK from other EU countries to work for UK businesses.

For any operators who rely upon non-UK resident EU drivers now is the perfect time to be reviewing the systems and records in place to ensure that such drivers are properly employed, properly inducted, and properly supervised including making sure that all the necessary driving licence and Driver CPC checks have been carried out and that appropriate records of these checks are held on file.

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