Attention all Horse Owners - VOSA Transport Regulations

Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law have recently been advising horse owners on transport regulations via the horse world's leading "newspaper" Horse & Hound.  It would appear that VOSA have begun to turn their focus on how some equine businesses are running their transportation and there has been a lot of discussion in Horse & Hound over recent months on what the horse world perceived as "new" regulations targeting them.

Richard Pelly, director at Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law, one of the UK's leading law firms specialising in transport regulation was asked to help Horse & Hound put together an article to answer some of their readers' enquires (26th November 2009 issue). Richard said; "It seems that many in the horse world are completely unaware of the regulations that apply to those who transport goods in large vehicles in connection with their business.  An example of such use would be a professional or semi-professional rider who transports owners' horses to competitions.  For those who are involved in the transportation of horses in whatever capacity we strongly recommend that they take expert advice upon the legality of their activity before they travel."

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