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Everything you wanted to Know about MOTs for Commercial Vehicles!

Everything you ever wanted to Know about MOTs for Commercial Vehicles! Read on to find out more about what your legal duties in ensuring your vehicles (including hired ones) are safe on the road, or contact us on 01279 818280 if you would like to ask us direct. Read more>

How to Solve the Driver Shortage Problem

In this article, Kevin McIvor, HR Consultant here at Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law, considers the driver shortage problem in the commercial vehicle industry and looks at ways in which operators can adapt their ways in order to attract and retain drivers.

According to a well-known proverb: "If it can't be cured it must be endured" which is a bit of reverse psychology because, apart from Fermat's last theorem, every problem has a solution. Another idiom states that "the definition of madness is to continue to do the same things but expect different results".

Everyone in the commercial transport industry seems to be talking about the driver shortage problem Read more>

Working Under the Domestic Drivers' Hours Rules

What are the domestic drivers' hours rules and when do they apply? Operators who cannot immediately answer these questions but run their operations assuming that the domestic rules do not apply to them should read on. Read more>

BREXIT - If the UK Votes to Leave the EU, how might Transport Operators be Affected?

Much of the current road transport legislation that applies to UK operators and their drivers derives from EU law. So what might happen if we vote to leave the European Union on 23rd June? Read more>

Drivers' Hours - what to do when stuck in a Jam

Ask any driver - professional or otherwise - to name the things that are least enjoyable about being behind the wheel and there is a more than even chance that "being stuck in a jam" will feature highly on the list of responses! Read more>

New Rules for Financial Standing 2016

Each year, the amount of money that an operator must have readily available to it in order to satisfy its legal obligation to be of "appropriate financial standing" changes. The rates which will apply from 1st January 2016 have recently been announced Read more>

Employing Drivers

Drivers are the lifeblood of transport businesses. Without them most operators would not have a business to start with. Read more>

Measures to Introduce Mandatory Right to Work Checks on Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

New powers are being added to the Immigration Bill that mean that taxi and private hire drivers will have to prove they are in the UK legally before being granted licences. The proposals mean that licensing authorities will need to conduct checks on applicants to ensure that they have the correct permissions in place before granting a licence. Read more>

Are Your Terms and Conditions of Carriage Up to Date?

Rushed off your feet just trying to keep on top of all the daily work that a commercial transport operation requires, it can be a sobering and distinctly uncomfortable experience to discover that the terms of a particular hire are not what you, the operator, thought they were. Read more>

Thinking of Buying or Selling a Transport Business?

We aim to offer our Transport Clients a "one-stop shop" for legal services. As well as being experts in dealing with all contentious issues, such as Public Inquires and DVSA prosecutions, that may affect your business, we are able to advise and help with other, more "every-day" business matters, such as buying or selling your transport business. Read more>