Driver Contracts

At Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law providing expert advice to passenger transport and road haulage operators means doing more than offering assistance on drivers' hours infringements and dangerous vehicle prosecutions.  It means offering a complete service including supplying contracts of employment properly tailored to the needs of a transport undertaking.

Time and time again, operators either do not have employment contracts for their employees, especially their drivers and mechanics, or they have issued contracts of employment which are far too general in nature and which leave out provisions which are crucial to protecting the transport operator's business.

Professional drivers and mechanics working in-house for an operator must have comprehensive contracts of employment supported by a fully detailed staff handbook which should be issued to all members of staff, whether they are full time or part time, on payroll or truly self employed.

Because Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law specialise in road transport law, we can supply driver contracts along with staff handbooks without charging an additional premium.  If you would be interested in discussing this aspect of your business, please contact us now on 01279 818280 or click here.